The End

To whom ever cares now,

I think we all need to face truth when truth hits us right? Let’s now cower behind it as if it were some bully we could not stand up against in the first place. When you look at all of my writing I have done here, you will see it is all the same thing over and over again. One confused teenager who doesn’t know what to do with his life. All he knows is that he thinks he knows what happiness is. But in reality he doesn’t even know what is actually is. My writings and thoughts never get anyone anywhere and always seem to make people think of me as some sort of joke. I don’t blame the people who think that. I am just a joke to the real world and toy to everyone else. I guess I just listen to the most depressing music out there and write my reoccurring problems just to call it art. I have realized no one cares and no one is going to care. 

So I guess this is the end. 


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